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Registered Nurse
Owner of Inner Bloom Health Clinic
IV Vitamin Therapy

I am a registered nurse and mum of 3. I have been a registered nurse for 14 years, working across many different areas including surgical and medical wards, emergency departments, operating theatres, paediatrics and community nursing. 

I have always had a passion for natural and alternative medicine, regularly completing my own study in these areas for my personal knowledge and benefit. 6 years ago,


Alongside my mum who is also a registered nurse and naturopath, we began providing the coast with IV vitamin infusions after seeing a real need for high dose nutrients for so many different diseases and to assist in fatigue and stress in everyday life!


The changes I see every day when administering these infusions in unbelievable. I feel extremely grateful that i now get to pursue this avenue full time and meet the most amazing people along the way. 

Inner Bloom Health Clinic

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