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Linton Davey

Clinical Hypnotherapy + Strategic Psychotherapy
and Professional Tarot Reader

Linton Davey is a diversely skilled and passionate therapist and provider of insight, who really strives to support the change that people seek in their life through his integrated therapies or readings.


He spent many decades working in organisational and performance development within various companies and reached thousands of individuals. Linton has worked across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Hong Kong in Learning & Development Program Creation, as a Facilitator, Performance Coach and Key Note Speaker. His passion for not only making people feel better, but more critically seeing people DO better, is at the core of his success with his client outcomes.   


Having returned to working exclusively in Australia, Linton studied at The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) under the most renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist in the country. Linton went on to graduate from the IAP whilst being honoured with the role of Founding President of the International Strategic Psychotherapy Association (ISPA). Linton’s connection and skill in this field of integrated therapies is as undeniable as is his passion to be of true service to his clients.

Linton’s work in Tarot has also spanned decades of his life. What started as a hobby 25+ years ago has over time formed into a constant demand for his professional readings and insights. Not your traditional Tarot Reader, but truly about connecting you to knowledge that provides insight and understanding to where things are headed.

Linton formally studied Tarot Reading for years in Australia and is one of less than 80 current tarot readers in the country to hold the status of Professional Tarot Reader awarded from the Tarot Guild of Australia.


Linton’s genuine warmth, care and support makes him a perfect fit for The Landing Space and he looks forward to welcoming you.

Linton is available for appointments every second Saturday.

His Services:

Contact Linton

0422 869 819

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