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Sally Yasukawa

Acupuncturist and Metaphysical Healer 

Sally is an Acupuncturist with almost 40 years experience. She is trained in the Five Element System of Taoist healing, which recognises the mind-body connection in the healing of all disorders.  This is a system of balancing and harmonising mental and emotional states in order to allow one's Spirit to fully emerge and express its true nature.


If you wish to understand yourself; if you want to know why certain emotions continuously or periodically arise or you are on a self-development journey, then you may wish to have a consultation.  In it you will learn the nature of your body's Qi energy system and how it is affected by Nature Herself; you will see how certain conditions are related to particular emotional states and how to realise that it is not necessary to "just let them take over".

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More About Sally

Sally uses acupuncture, Qi Healing/Reiki, Qi Gong Meridian Massage, Chinese herbs and education to remind you of your Spirit's Nature and allow it to bring healing to your body and your mind.  This is achieved with regular healing sessions as well as being able to attend classes and workshops to learn some basic Qi Gong exercises and meditations so you can become your own healer.


Using ancient understandings of the movement and interaction of life force energy in the body, you will be guided back to balance and greater spiritual awareness through acupuncture & Qi healing techniques.

We are Spiritual Beings on a human journey without a manual.  Allow Sally to show you where you have gotten off track and how you can be guided back into balance and harmony.

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