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Mind Body Skin Therapist

Meet the Founder of the Mind Body Skin Collective.


Kari helps high performing women go from being confused, anxious and stressed to being in control, informed and supported on how to navigate the ‘great pause’ – peri / meno / post - menopause and beyond.



I offer hands on customised day spa experiences, 10 Day Back to Basics Clean Eating Reset programs and Decode Your Stress Recode Your Life Coaching programs, one on one coaching and consulting and retreats for women that are mind body skin and soul delighting.

I’m an Integrated Certified Nutrition Health Coach and Yin Yoga Certified Instructor (50 hours). I’m a CIDESCO trained Esthectician and Executive Regional Vice President and proud Ambassador to Arbonne International which is a Certified B Corp company. Prior to coming into the wellness and beauty industry I was a casting director for film, television and advertising for 20+ years.

The culmination of my skills, training and experience over the years is what sets my clients up for success. Success leaves clues. My approach is holistic and one only needs to look at gut health, skin health and/or mind health to discover where to create the application and gateway for healing and as a result - all areas of the body benefit and the wellness that comes from this approach has a powerful rippling affect not only on the individuals health, but in all areas of their life including their inner circle of loved ones which also extends out to their greater communities.


And that my friend, is exactly what my vision is for The Mind Body Skin Collective - To create a community of heart led women who are not afraid to course correct and show others through example what a sustainable healthy happy joyous life looks like when you step into your courage to live your truth.

The majority of my clients have been with me for a decade and I’m so honoured and appreciative of their trust and confidence in what I offer for women’s health and the transformational journey we go on together.

Say YES to wellness. YOU are worth it and YOU deserve to create your best health for your best self for today and all your tomorrows.

Hope to see you soon.


Kari - Your wing woman. 

Contact me below to book >


Please call or text Kari on 0432 497 417


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