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Massage Therapist & Energy Healer

Claire is a holistic massage therapist who has been gathering wisdom and experience in the healing arts for over 12 years.


She has combined her knowledge of remedial massage, shiatsu and reiki to create her signature style with a focus on realigning both the physical and energetic body. 

My Story

Before massage I was working as cabin crew for a long haul airline when I started to feel a desire for more purposeful work and started doing short courses in healing modalities to get a feel for what I loved.


I came to Australia in 2007 looking for a new career and was led to study a diploma in Remedial massage.

I  enjoy connecting deeply with my clients and the opportunity to be present and tune deeply into someone's body  and energetic field.   

It is always my intention to allow the highest frequency energies to flow through me and provide healing to the root cause of each presenting issue.

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